1 Man and 1 Woman compete to try to find their dream date without getting Buzzed on this classic 90s-style dating game show.
For some people, it is almost reminiscent of the old "Dating Game" hosted by Jim Lange.
The only differences are:
1. The host is a woman named Annie Wood.
2. There are additional rounds of play
Meet the dates
Final Bzzz!
Meet The Dates: 4 Dates speak to the player, one is eliminated.
Player has 2 minutes to chat with the other 3 dates.
The player rings the bell if he/she likes the date and buzzes them if they don't.
Three buzzes and the eliminated date is left for the player.
Simpatico: Match the same answer your partner gives.
2nd Couple must score higher than 1st couple to win.
Final Bzzz: Same as Meet The Dates, but now The Player can be liked or buzzed based on the responses given.
The player wins the game if he/she can avoid being buzzed in the Final Bzzz Round.