Mr. Bogus was a yellow creature (often mistaken for a rat or other type of vermin in the rare occasion other people could see him) who lived in the Bogie Dimension accessible through mirrors. His best human friend was a fourth grade boy named Tommy who was the only human who could see him and interact with him. Mr. Bogus also had a little brother named Bratus, and their enemies were a huge rat Ratty and his sidekick Mole, who would frequently try to steal treasures of some type and Mr. Bogus by himself or sometimes with the help of Tommy and Bratus would try to stop him.

Sometimes, before and after episodes, there was also a non-sequitur bit that was 1-3 minutes long of Mr. Bogus claymation, or mix of claymation/real-object collage (preceding the Adult Swim hit Robot Chicken) portraying mishaps Mr. Bogus would get into with human objects.

Sadly the show was preempted by more popular weekday morning cartoons (it took a certain sense of humor to get the jokes or thinking required) and was taken off the air in early 1993.