a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiromu Shinozuka. The series began publication in Shogakukan's Ciao manga magazine in April 2015. An anime television series by OLM, Inc. started airing in Japan from April to December 2017.On August 31, 2018, it was announced that PriPri Chi-chan!! would end after the seventh volume in Spring 2019.[2]Plot
An underground-dweller named Chi-chan wanted to come to the human world in search for sweets. After he finished his objective and he wanted to come back to his home, he would be stuck on the hole where he came from. He would then be saved by a girl named Yuka Saeki, who dug the hole where Chi-chan was stuck back there, and would then took care of Chi-chan in her home.Characters
Yuka Saeki (佐伯 夕花 Saeki Yuka)
Voiced by: Momo Asakura[3]
One of the protagonists. A girl that has a gentle personality and cannot resist to help someone in need. She is currently on second grade of middle school. She has a long, straight purple hair. She is good at cooking and sewing, but her naming sense is bad. She is good friends with Ara (Voiced by: Ayumi Mano), Eimi (Voiced by: Nako Eguchi), and Mii (Voiced by: Arisa Date).
Tomoko Saeki (佐伯智花 Saeki Tomoko)
Yuka's mother. She is strict with her daughter's grades due to Yuka failing her middle school entrance exam at one time.
Yamato Suou (周防 大和 Suō Yamato)
Voiced by: Shun Horie[4]
Yuka's male classmate who is good at claw crane games. He is one of the first human after Yuka who knows the existence of underground-dwellers. He has confessed to Yuka once, but hasn't got the answer from her yet.
Akari Suou (周防あかり Suou Akari)
Yamato's younger sister. After she met Chi-chan, she wants to play and become friends with him.
Kazuma Mori (森和馬 Mori Kazuma)
Yuka's childhood friend who is older than her. When he and Yuka was in elementary school, he used to play pranks on Yuka, which made her angry. He did this because he had a crush on Yuka, and wanted her attention.