is the Indonesian version of Sesame Street, debuting on Indonesian television in late-2007. The show is produced locally by Creative Indigo Productions, in association with Sesame Workshop, and is expected to broadcast at least through 2010, with a total of 156 episodes over three seasons.The program, announced in March 2006, is funded in part by the United States government.[4][5]

Jalan Sesama means "street for all" in Indonesian, and was inspired by the concept of togetherness and diversity. [6] In addition to the basics of letters and numbers, Jalan Sesama will also educate diversity, environmental awareness, and positive character building.[7]

From encouraging healthy habits to dealing with the aftermath of a flood, Jalan Sesama tackles serious issues impacting the children of Indonesia. Produced by nonprofit educational organization Sesame Workshop in association with Jakarta-based Creative Indigo Production, Jalan Sesama features some furry friends, along with a few celebrity guests, helping children learn basic cognitive and social skills, while representing the vibrant diversity of the country’s vast archipelago. The daily series, 52 half-hour episodes, debuted on Trans7, February 18, 2008, and is airing its 3rd season as of 2010. In September 9, 2011, it will be re-aired in Kompas TV.

In addition to the regular characters of Sesame Street, such as Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, and Elmo, it also features new characters and Muppets created specifically for this version, such as Momon, a five-year-old yellow monster who learns to draw letters and loves drawing and counting; Putri an active young girl who is always asking Momon for help; Tantan a wise female orangutan that settles every dispute on Jalan Sesama; and Jabrik, a baby rhinoceros that is always complaining and laughing.[2][6]

Jalan Sesama is not Indonesia's first experience with Sesame Street -- Boneka Sesame, the Indonesian-dubbed version of Sesame Street's international package, Open Sesame, was or