(はたらキッズ マイハム組 Hatara Kizzu Maihamu Gumi), literally "Working Kids, Meister Hamster Team", is a Japanese anime action series for young children about hamsters who hold down jobs from firefighting to cooking. The show is produced by Toei Animation and was broadcast at 6:30–7:00 am on Sunday every week from October 7, 2007, to September 28, 2008, on Japan’s TV Asahi. The show was also broadcast at 6:00–6:30 pm on Friday every week from November 2, 2007, on BS Asahi, but it is now broadcast at 5:00–5:30 pm on Friday of every week since October 10, 2008. Broadcast on BS Asahi concluded after November 14, 2016.[1]The series does not currently have an English dub, but it has been dubbed and aired in French, Italian, and Catalan as "Master Hamsters".Gaudi is a master hamster in woodworking. He works in Hoshihama, the City of Masters, with his owner Kaito. He goes to the city with the intention of achivieng the Master Title, the higher category a professional can aim for, and the dream of all hamsters. There, he meets new friends like Sylvie, Jean, Alec and Steve; together they live great adventures. When humans get into trouble, Master Hamsters appear to help them with their skills such as firefighting, cooking or carpentry. If humans knew about their existence they would make their life impossible so, to avoid being exposed, they say there is an invisible hero who solves the city problems.Gaudi: One-star woodworking master and an architect. Gaudi is fast and quick when working. Sometimes he takes decisions without thinking which lead him into mess. Passionate, enthusiastic and optimistic, Kaito's hamster, whom he considers as his elder brother, also has a great sense for justice. His dream is becoming a Grand Master like his dad Garnier and the Master Superior.
Sylvie: Three-star pastry chef and with more than 1000 receipts in her head, Sylvie is the idol of the Master Hamsters. Cute and smart, everybody falls in love with her. Actually, when she looks at you and says: "Si