(also known posthumously as Jim Henson's Brats of the Lost Nebula) is a puppet and computer animated series originally broadcast on the Kids' WB block of Saturday morning programming in 1998. Created by Dan Clark, the sci-fi series for kids used puppets from Jim Henson's Creature Shop and state of the art computer graphics from C.O.R.E. Digital Effects. The series followed the adventures of 5 orphans (two of which were brother and sister) all from different planets that must band together to fight an evil invading force known as "The Shock". The series was canceled after airing its third episode in the US but the remaining episodes were shown on Canada's YTV.The Orphans Edit
The Brats sometimes referred to themselves as orphans and each one had a different set of skills in addition to their otherworldly uniqueness. After the escape of Zadam and Triply from the Shock attack on their home world, the 5 kids meet on a living planetoid to start their rebellion against The Shock and find their lost parents.

Zadam (voiced by Kirby Morrow) - The factor leader, older brother to Triply.
Triply (voiced by Annick Obonsawin) - Little sister to Zadam.
Duncan (voiced by Glenn Cross) - He was a heavy, musclebound male with tinkering skills.
Ryle (voiced by Evan Sabba) - A horned, blue-skinned male who is fiercely competitive.
Lavana (voiced by Deborah Odell) - A fairy with mystic abilities.
They are aided in their quest by a long-eared animal named Splook and his missile laden suit of armor. And by SMARTS, the smartest computer in the universe. The Brats themselves would ride into battle on modified space cruisers.