a Canadian animated television preschool series that was created by Jeff Rosen. Produced by Halifax Film, a DHX Media company, in association with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and distributed by Decode Entertainment, the series premiered in Canada on CBC Television as part of the Kids' CBC programming block on September 1, 2008. In the United States, it premiered on The Hub on October 11, 2010. Main characters Edit
Rex Edit
Rex is a green Mechana-dinosaur. His enhanced ability is strength. Often, when utilizing this ability, Unicorn refers to him as being "strong like a titanium Tyrannosaurus" which, along with his name and bipedal shape, would indicate that he is a robotic Tyrannosaurus rex. He is the leader of the Animal Mechanicals when they are on their journey to their mission. When he transforms, he becomes a cross between a forklift, a tractor, and a digger. He also has an obsession with food. He is voiced by Jim Fowler.[1]

Unicorn Edit
Unicorn is a pink Mechana-unicorn with the ability is to fly. She is the only Animal Mechanical who cannot walk on two legs. The horn on her head can be made to blink like a beacon, allowing other creatures to follow her while she is flying. When flying, her legs are bent backwards and her hooves become rocket boosters, propelling her through the air. Her wings are folded inside her back, except when in use where they provide direction and speed control. Unicorn can also throw lightning, and create a whirlwind with her horn. She is voiced by Leah Ostry.[1]

Komodo Edit
Komodo is a red Mechana-Komodo dragon who walks on two legs and has big, squared-off blue spectacles. His enhancement is the ability to change his tail into a selection of tools, such as a hammer or a screwdriver. Often, when utilizing this ability, Unicorn refers to him as being "handy dandy tool time." This does, however, involve him working backwards to the line of the problem, forcing him to bend almost in half in order to see what he is doing. He