Karakuri Kiden Hiwō Senki, lit. "Clever Strange Successor Hiwou War Chronicles"an anime series, produced by Bones. The series was first aired on NHK BS-2 and ran for twenty six episodes, from October 24, 2000 till May 1, 2001. Created by Shō Aikawa and directed by Tetsurō Amino, the series' character designer and chief animation director was the late Hiroshi Ōsaka.The series is set within the Meiji period of Japan, following a small boy named Hiwou. The townspeople have lived simply, making "Clockwork Dolls" or "karakuri" for festivals. Hiwou's father left the family on a long trip, and their mother has since died. The children live with friends.

Their simple life vanishes when the "Wind Gang" appears, destroys the city with their own clockwork dolls, and captures its citizens. Hiwō and his siblings and friends, Shishi, Machi, Tetsu, Mayu, Sai, and baby Jyobu (who are exploring a cave at the time), escape unharmed and embark on a quest to save the town. They take with them Homura, a huge clockwork doll that functions like a giant robot.

Along the way, they are forced to use their clockwork dolls as weapons - something they were never supposed to do, according to Hiwō's father. Early in the series, they meet Arashi, a member of the Wind Gang, and Hana and Yuki, two samurai daughters who ended up traveling with the group.

Hiwō and his friends encounter a number of historical figures, before these people entered the history books during the Meiji Restoration.