It is a parody of magical girl manga. Tsukune is a skillful and powerful witch who rescues others from danger. In 2005, an anime OVA was created and directed by Hiroaki Sakurai.EPISODE 1

In the introduction, a man with rabbit ears has fallen down a cliff. His leg is broken, and he is hungry. Tsukune appears and heals him, as well as cooking her sidekick Pupurin so he has something to eat (although the man is a vegetarian). Pupurin's ghost still hangs around, though.

In the first part, the king mails himself to Tsukune, as he has been threatened by the Daimauo (meaning "Great Devil"). The delivery boy then reveals himself as the Daimauo and turns the king into a frog. In retaliation, Tsukune places a bad luck curse on the Daimauo: he gets lost, loses his wallet and keys, steps in dog mess, and his castle burns down. He apologises and returns the king to normal, but Tsukune cannot help, as she cannot fix the secondary causes of magic with more magic, only the immediate (for example, if she were to use magic to knock someone over, she could use magic to make sure he didn't fall over again, but if he landed on a detonator, she couldn't do anything about that). As an alternative, she sends the Daimaou back in time (via a reference to Doraemon), and he tells his past self about Tsukune. His past self shows up at her house, and tries to kill her, placing an anti-magic barrier around her house, but she knocks him out with a large mallet.

In the second part, two robbers try to rob a convenience store, but are stopped by a young girl, who asks the cashier if he knows the location of Tsukune's house. When she arrives, she introduces herself as Shioretta Flowers (Shioretta means "wilted", thus a pun on "wilted flowers"), a witch, and her butler Shibata, who wears a wig. She explains that she plans on becoming the world's greatest witch, and to do so she is defeating other witches. Her next target is Tsukune, but before they can fight, Mr Judge (a man in a superhero-esque out