Created by Slim Goodbody, The Story of Read Alee Deed Alee is an educational show aimed at children dedicated to literacy. The show tells the story of a magical dragon named Read Alee Deed Alee. One day he takes a magical journey to a faraway land where everybody loves to read. The series had a focus on literacy while also promoting other concepts with every episode having a particular theme.

The acclaimed series had a set format in every episode. The show begins with Read Alee Deed Alee home at his castle with his friends Belle the Phone, Toc the Clock, and Radiola the radio. After seeing something interesting and new he leaves the castle to go down to the news-stand to meet Mr. Booker and Extra, a talking newspaper with lots of stories on how to read. Leaving the news-stand he goes up to the Reading Room where he reads a few books along with a class. In the last segment he goes out on the street to find some of the words he read that day before he returns to his castle and goes to bed wrapping up the show.

The series aired on PBS in the mid 1990's but continues to be available on DVD.