known in Japan as Tokyo Demon Academy: The Book of Weapons - The Ascension (東京魔人學園剣風帖龖 Tōkyō Majin Gakuen: Kenpuchō Tō), is a Japanese anime series, which premiered in Japan on the anime satellite TV network Animax. A large part of Tokyo Majin Gakuen, it is loosely based on a series of Japan-only video games, and is directed by Shinji Ishihara.On June 26, 2007, ADV announced that they had acquired the license to this series (for $780,000[2]). ADV distributed the series under the title of Tokyo Majin, dropping "Gakuen: Kenpuchō Tō" from the title. In 2008, the anime became one of over 30 ADV titles whose licenses were transferred to Funimation.[3]

American television network Chiller began airing the series as part of their Anime Wednesdays block on July 15, 2015.[1]In the nights of Tokyo, mysterious deaths involving the 'Reborn Dead' occur. People that are disappearing at night suddenly reappear during the day as a corpse. Not only that, but as the corpses are sent to the morgue to be autopsied, they disappear again leaving signs showing that they escaped themselves.

To fight these 'Reborn Dead' and to prevent more deaths, mysterious transfer student, Tatsuma Hiyuu, and delinquent student, Kyouichi Houraiji, stay up every night to fight and solve what's causing this. Along with the rest of their group, who all have supernatural powers, they soon realize that a greater threat, which involves even more powerful demons, is near.Main characters Edit

Tatsuma Hiyuu
Tatsuma Hiyuu (緋勇 龍麻 Hiyū Tatsuma)
Voiced by: Hiro Shimono (Japanese); Brandon Hearnsberger (English)
Tatsuma is a mysterious boy who transfers to Magami Academy in his senior year of high school. He is often shown as being very silent and carefree, but he actually has more insight than the people around him. He usually hangs out with Kyouichi and helps him fight gangsters from other schools, giving him the status of the fifth most delinquent student in Magami's history. Tatsuma is probably the only one in th