a children's television show created by John Derevlany (who also wrote most of the episodes) and produced by Jim Henson Television which first aired on February 24, 2003.The show featured many innovations in puppet design and production from the Jim Henson Company. It aired on TLC for several years, and ran on Discovery Kids until the channel was replaced by Hub Network (which is now Discovery Family). Several shows are also available on DVD.Edi the Zebra (performed by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph) – The host of the show. Her favorite toy is Ginger the Jungle Slug and she has her own kind of dance called "the scooch." She gets the kids' attention to dance by saying "zebra, ready, pose!" She has bright pink and yellow stripes and her mane changes in style in every episode. She is the master of "Zebra Fu."
Waffle the Cow-Monkey (performed by Rickey Boyd) – The co-host of the show. Waffle is referred to as a Cow-Monkey because he is a monkey that dresses up as a cowboy. The nicknames he gives Edi are zebra girl, pumpkin seed (used in "The Right Size for You"), and striped friend. he gets the kids attention by saying "Now listen up with your cow-monkey ears" and wiggles his ears on his own. He always likes to take on a challenge such as in "The Not So Moving Episode", when Edi challenges him to a freezing contest to see who can play with Ginger the Jungle Slug for the day. He's the master of "Cow-Monkey Kwan-Do." He did a slide show in "I Am Rain".
Bozark the Elephant (performed by David Maida) – A 7 ft. tall dancing elephant who is an Animal Jam Superstar. He once came in at the wrong time in "I Am Rain."
DJ 1 the Panda (performed by John Kennedy) - One of the DJs on the show. He sings the songs for Bozark's dance numbers. His catch phrase is "Oh, yeah".
DJ 2 the Koala (performed by John Tartaglia) – One of the DJs on the show. He makes sounds after Bozark's dance numbers and makes DJ 1 and DJ 3 look at him. He sat on a stack of books in "The Right Size For You"
DJ 3 the Leo