or known as Magical Heroes in some countries, is the fourth and last magical girl anime by Ashi Productions. The fifty-episode series first aired in Japan from 1992 until 1993. It has also been broadcast in Hong Kong, South Korea, Italy, Taiwan, China, France, Poland, Thailand, and in most Arab countries. The series was adapted as a theatrical film and two educational films. The DVD version was released on March 20, 2004.Many other magical girls are primary-schoolers or middle-schoolers, but Mary Bell looks like a preschooler (although she is actually about 500,000 years old). She is a "native" magical girl just like Minky Momo and Sweet Mint, other magical girls by Ashi Productions from the same period. However, she is not a princess (Except in Floral Magician Mary-Flash Ultra known as Princess Mary-Flash). The operatic approach is notable, each main character has his or her own leitmotif, and they sometimes sing instead of speaking, like a musical.Mary Bell, a magical girl who looks around five years old, comes to the Human World from a magical world called the "Flower Magic World." Using her Flower Magic she helps and encourages people.

The story starts with two children, Yuuri and Ken, who are reading a fairy tale about Mary Bell finding two children who are lost in the woods, and helps them find home. Yuuri and Ken love the story of Mary Bell so much that their parents have named their flower shop after the fairy.

But the flower shop isn't doing well, and everyone is worried. Yuuri and Ken wish that Mary Bell would appear and help them. Both are surprised when she sprouts from a flower. She tells them she has learned of their plight, and will help them. After creating a potion to grow her house, she uses her magic to help the flower shop and people in town.

Mary Bell started her adventures from making flowers healthy and emits friendship beams, helping Ken to drive a bicycle, telling a story about the tree of memories. She can make friends to fairies that do