a Canadian animated children's television series based on the book series by Rosemary Wells. In Canada, the series debuted on Treehouse TV on May 3, 2002,[2] and in the United States, the series premiered on Nick Jr. on October 21, 2002,Max & Ruby is about two rabbits; Max, a rambunctious and determined three-year-old, and his older sister Ruby, a patient, goal-oriented, and sometimes restrictive seven-year-old.[4] According to Wells, the series shows the relationship between Ruby, Max, and the universal nature of sibling relationships.[5]Max Bunny (voiced by Billy Rosemberg in Seasons 1–3, Tyler Stevenson in Seasons 4–5, Gavin MacIver-Wright in Season 6) is three-and-a-half year old bunny.[6] He has white fur and is Ruby's younger brother. In every episode, Max says one word and Ruby always thinks it is no help, but in the end Max is right. Ruby will try to talk him out of it, but he will keep asking for what he wants, and will eventually find a way to outsmart Ruby. Max is smart and is able to read situations better than his sister. In Season 6 Max starts using complete sentences and attends preschool. Originally Max wore blue overalls (often with a strap undone) with a red and white striped shirt; starting in Season 6 he wears a cream and orange striped shirt with blue pants.
Ruby Bunny (voiced by, Samantha Morton in Seasons 1–2, Rebecca Peters in Seasons 3–5, Lana Carillo in Season 6) is seven years old.[7][8] She has white fur and is Max's sister.[6] She is over-protective of Max, and will often persuade him to do something against his will because it is "what's best for him". At times, she incorrectly judges things. She is somewhat a perfectionist when it comes to certain things, and likes things to be neat and tidy, in contrast with Max who is messy and untidy. In Season 6, she attends school and occasionally is seen as an assistant helper to Mrs. Bunty, Max's teacher. In Seasons 1–2 Ruby wears a purple shirt and a yellow dress, in Seasons 3–5 she is seen in