A half-hour Halloween special set after "Shrek Forever After" that aired on NBC in 2010. It is Halloween night, and Shrek's family is celebrating by scaring trick-or-treaters. Inside their house, Donkey, Puss, Pinocchio, the Three Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolf, and Gingy fail to scare the ogres, and Shrek claims that nothing can scare an ogre because ogres are "the kings of Halloween". To prove him wrong, Donkey proposes a challenge to see who can tell the scariest story, but Shrek amps it up by choosing to hold their contest in Lord Farquaad's abandoned castle Duloc.

The special contains three stores. In "Bride of Gingy", Gingy talks about his girlfriend dumping him, and asking his friend the Muffin Man to make him a new one, with lots of sugar! Things turn out sweet at first but soon Gingy may find that things turn sour.

In "Boots Motel" Donkey and Puss take shelter in a hotel overnight, not being sure quite how the story goes.

In "The Shreksorcist" Shrek is hired by Gepetto to babysit Pinocchio, but the crazy possessed doll has a secret of his own.