Mathica's Mathshop is a math tutorial TV series produced for TVO from 1993-1994. The 15-minute programs focus on teaching basic mathematics for primary grades by incorporating storytelling with the principles of the subject. Every program presents math through a familiar fairytale context which encourages children to learn while following a story. Mathica is an elf who is trying to work for a Mathemagician in need of an assistant. In order to get the job, she has to win challenging games which intertwine with an episode's story. Well known characters like Robin Hood and the Wicked Witch take part in capturing the children's interest. The elf asks for help from the viewers to solve problems on number, measurement and geometry. At the end of a program, she engages the viewers to solve a problem on their own. The series' goal is to provide children with a positive and non-intimidating approach to learning math.