The show about the Taylor family. It consists of a husband who loves tools and fixing things, (even though he usually only makes things worse.) A wife who sticks by him no matter what. They also have three boys, and an unusual neigbor named Wilson, who is always full of good advice and wisdom. Tim Taylor, played by funny man Tim Allen, portrays a cable television show host of a do-it-yourself type home improvement show. His co-host Al joins him on and off set in the show. Marty, Tim's brother shows up often in the later seasons as well as a bunch of family members on both Jill Taylor's (played by Patricia Richardson) side as well as Tim's side. During the run of the show, producers created a show that took on real life topics and concerns and added a touch of comedy that you could relate to. The shows success made Tim Allen a household name and the phrase "more power" common english.

TRIVIA: The show was produced in Hollywood, CA, however an identical set was built at the Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando, FL. Following a large earthquake in LA during the early years of the show, Tim Allen wanted the show moved to Orlando, however the producers were able to convince Tim Allen to stay in LA. The set at the Walt Disney World Resort was later used for a backlot type tour and an attraction called "Superstar Television."