The third anime series of Dragon Ball. Unlike Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, this series is not based on the original manga written by Akira Toriyama. It ended less than two years after it first aired, only lasting for two seasons and is considered non-canon to most Dragon Ball fans.

The story begins five years after the events of Dragon Ball Z. Goku, now the most powerful being known to the universe is training young Uub when Emperor Pilaf (from the first series) steals the rare set of Black Star Dragon Balls which when used, scatter across the galaxy. He wishes Goku to become a child again. Little did Pilaf know, the now young Goku still processes all of his adult powers! Now Goku, his granddaughter Pan, and Trunks set out on a grand adventure in space to retrieve the Black Star Dragon Balls. But this new adventure turns out to be bigger than anyone had expected!