The adventures of Dr. David Banner, a man cursed by his own inner evils.

Dr. Banner wanted to discover the cause of the immense strength humans develop during moments of intense emotion, such as rage or fear. He experimented on himself as part of his research, but an accident caused him to receive an overdose of radiation.

The overdose of gamma rays caused a mutation in his brain. Now whenever he gets angry or outraged a startling metamorphisis occurs. Banner turns into a monstrous being of incredible strength; a creature driven by pure, mindless rage.

Believed to be dead (murdered by the creature), Bruce now wanders - avoiding both the law and the media - as he searches for a cure for his condition.

While trying to find a cure to get rid of the Hulk, David Banner must also stay one step ahead of Jack Mcgee, a reporter for The National Register who intends to capture the Hulk and exploit it to the world.