The Riddlers was first shown (feel free to correct me if I am wrong here - I'm going off information in my TV Times collection) on ITV during early lunchtime programs for children in 1986. It was made by Yorkshire television and ran for over 10 years finally being stopped in 1996. It concerned the goings on in the magical garden of a cottage owned by miss Marjorie Dawn (played by Victoria Williams). The Riddlers (Mossop - older/wiser and jessop - young and inexperienced) live in a well in Marjorie's garden and appear to help both Marjorie and Mr. Grimley the chimney sweep (played by Peter Llewellyn Jones). The Riddlers have the ability to magically transport themselves to anywhere. Sometimes the Riddlers would transport Marjorie and Mr. Grimley with them. jessop was an inexperienced young female Riddler. She had to solve twelve Riddles (Aesop's Fables) in order for her to be upgraded to full Riddler status.

There was also characters such as Tiddler (later named Tiddleup), Middler and Mr Posty (a hedgehog postman.)