SPACE GIANTS was a Japanese import that was shown on WTBS in the 1960's and early 1980's. It was in the same vein as GODZILLA except way, way, more campy. (ie. there is a scene where two Japs are having a conversation in a room and one guy comments that he thinks the room is bugged, then there is an extreme closeup of a metallic robot insect bug on the wall.)..campy indeed.

The planet is being threatened by a outlandish villian and only three giant robots that change into space ships can stop him. Like most Japanese shows each episode features Japs in costumes fighting over a scale model of Tokyo each week. Among the allies of the robots were a Jap scientist, his family, and a hot looking american woman....Each week they were endlessly pursued by the LUGOMEN. (If one shoots a Lugoman they melt). This was one of a slew of Japanese tv shows Ted Turner bought for a song in the 1960's and aired on WTBS in Atlanta.

Produced by P Productions, Seven Arts Television, and Krantz Films, Inc.