After a atomic bomb explodes after an attack by US fighters on Soviet bombers the monster know as Gamera is released from his icy prison. Gamera soon unleashes his wrath on Japan. The Japanese try their best to stop the rampage of Gamera at all cost before their country and the world are destroyed.

This is the only Gamera film to be released in US theaters theatrically. The first US release of the film was known as Gammera the Invincible and was heavily edited with new scenes added in for American audiences. In the 1980's American Television producer and film distributor, Sandy Frank, released a unedited version of the film with an English dub on home video in the US. In 2010 Shout Factory now has the rights to release the films original and uncut Japanese versions on DVD for the first time ever in North America.

The film also appeared on the show, Mystery Science Theater 3000, episode 303.