Sweet-natured Tom McHugh is smitten with the lovely blonde Geena who is housesitting next door...the only problem is he's way too shy to ask her out. Luckily, after his parents leave town for the weekend, Tom's older brother Craig (who returns home for a visit) is there to help and sets up the date along with his cash, his clothes and his jacket. After the hired limo fails to show, Tom "borrows" Craig's car and goes off meet with Geena. But before they can order the appetitizers, a case of mistaken identity turns his dream date into an absolute nightmare and continues with an endless string of slaps in the face, a freaked-out flower delivery man, crooked cops, and even the evil of lord of the Chinese mafia. On a night where anything can happen, will their first date just might be their last? Directed by Jonathan Wacks.