Chrono Trigger: Dimensional Adventure Numa Monjar (1996)

Chrono Trigger anime which was broadcast at the Japanese V-Jump Festival of July 31, 1996. It was created by Production I.G, and written by Hiroshi Izawa and Akihiro Kikuchi, while Itsuro Kawazaki served as director, Tensai Okamura as animation director, and Riho Nishino as character designer. It was never commercially released.

The anime takes place in the same setting as Chrono Trigger, the night before the beginning of the game's events. The empty Millennial Fair is invested by a festive gathering of monsters coming through portals. The two protagonists, a Nu and a Poyozo, voiced by Chafūrin and Mayumi Tanaka respectively, try to recruit members for their group "Nuumamonjaa". Finding no one willing to join them, they wander the fair and interrupt the robot Johnny's show, who is voiced by Shinichirō Miki.