Meatballs Part 2 was an American comedy film released in 1984. It was billed as a sequel to the 1979 movie Meatballs, but was released by a different studio and did not feature the same actors.

The second in-name-only sequel to the first Meatballs summer camp movie sets us at Camp Sasquash where the owner Giddy tries to keep his camp open after it's threatened with foreclosure after Hershey, the militant owner of Camp Patton located just across the lake, wants to buy the entire lake area to expand Camp Patton. Giddy suggests settling the issue with the traditional end-of-the-summer boxing match over rights to the lake. Meanwhile, a tough, inner city punk, nicknamed Flash, is at Camp Sasquash for community service as a counselor-in-training where he sets his sights on the naive and intellectual Cheryl, while Flash's young charges befriend an alien, whom they name Meathead,

also staying at tIn one of the opening scenes one of the female campers say that the camp looks like the camp from the Friday the 13th films. Meatballs II was filmed at the Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch, the exact same shooting location as Friday The 13th Part 3.
he camp for the summer.

Originally the movie was to be entitled Space Kid, but the producers decided to cash in on the franchise and bought the rights to use the title Meatballs II.