One of Don Bluth's greatest movies.

Fievel Mouskewitz is a young Jewish-Russian mouse who lives with his Mama and Papa, older sister Tanya, and baby sister Yasha. When their home is burned down after a chaotic attack from cats, the family choses to move to America, where its said that "there are no cats in America, and the streets are paved with cheese". During the boat ride however, a terrible storm tosses Fievel overboard, causing his parents to belive he is dead and leaving them heartbroken when they arrive in New York.

However, Fievel washes up in New York Harbor where he meets Henri, a friendly French pigeon putting up the Statue of Liberty. Fievel says that he will never find his family, but Henri fills him with hope, and tells Fievel to "never say never" before arranging him to be taken to immigration, certain that his family will be there as everyone must go through immigration.

However, Fievel instead meets Warren T. Rat, a suspicious character who lies to Fievel, saying he'll take him straight to his family, but instead drops him off at a sweatshop after his accountant, Digit, tells him he can be paid an extra 50 cents a day for him.

But Fievel quickly escapes from the sweatshop and soon befriends Tony, an older, streetwise mouse who agrees to help him, and Bridget, a pretty mouse who wants to actively rid America of the cats who frequently attack them. Together they help Fievel search for his family...and form a coallition to take out the cat gang once and for all!