When Garfield is suddenly awoken one lazy morning by the Binky The Clown show, a character who Grafield dislikes, he is enlightened by the painted one when he learns that today is in fact Halloween. Garfield suddenly grows alert when he realizes that tonight is the night when you go knocking on doors and get your bags filled with candy candy candy. Naturally Garfield enlists the help of loyal Odie and they dress up as a pair of plundering Pirates. The night ends up being a big sucess until Garfields greed leads the two across river to a strange and delapitated house with a very old inhabitant inside. In no time Garfield finds himself and Odi in danger from the ghosts of real Pirates returned from the past to reclaim their gold. What happens to Garfield and Odi? Watch and see.

The book adaptation, which retains the original title "Garfield In Disguise," deviates in only a few ways. First, it adds a scene with Garfield telling Odie a little bit about Halloween's history, with its origins as a seventh-century Druid festival celebrating the day of Saman, Lord of Death. Second, the book implies that the old man himself is a ghost, and their boat is merely pulled away by the current instead of stolen by the old man. And finally, an extra sequence is included in which Garfield takes a ring from the treasure and is followed home by the pirate ghosts until he returns the ring.

Garfield's Halloween Adventure marks the first appearance of Binky The Clown.
The boat that Garfield and Odie use to cross the river is named "Carolyn," Garfield creator Jim Davis's then-wife's name