The best cat burglar in Hoboken (Bruce Willis) has served his time in Sing-Sing and now looks forward to a life on the straight and narrow selling spatulas. However, his skills are sought after by sociopathic socialites, (Richard E. Grant & Sandra Bernhard) and he becomes an unwitting, yet very witty, pawn in a game for mastery of Da Vinci's work in alchemy. Hawk's blackmailed into stealing Da Vinci artifacts with both the CIA as well as the Vatican throwing their lots in the mix. With his old partner, Tommy Five-Tone (Danny Aiello) the Hudson Hawk sets off on a worldly adventure featuring action, campy mad-cappery, beautiful Italian vistas, and the never ending search for a great cup of cappuccino.

"Winner" of three Golden Raspberry (Razzie) Awards, including Worst Picture, Worst Director - Michael Lehmann and Worst Screenplay.