The debut feature from writer/director David Keating, The Last of the High Kings is the coming-of-age story of Frankie Griffin (Jared Leto), a 17-year-old virgin in 1977 Dublin. Convinced he is about to flunk out of school and forlorn over the recent death of Elvis Presley, Frankie decides to throw a beach party. With his hormones raging, he finds himself trying to decide between two possible gal-pals: Jayne (Lorraine Pilkington) and Romy (Emily Mortimer). Frankie's life becomes a little more difficult with the arrival of an American family friend Erin (Christina Ricci). Gabriel Byrne, who co-wrote the screenplay with Keating, also stars as Frankie's father, Jack Griffin. Based on a novel by Ferdia Mac Anna, The Last of the High Kings won second place at the 1997 Emden International Film Festival. — Matthew Tobey

Alexandra Haughey
Peter Keating
Jared Leto - Frankie Griffin
Ciaran Fitzgerald - Noelie Griffin
Amanda Shun
Darren Monks
Emily Mortimer - Romy Thomas
Renee Weldon
Karl Hayden - Hopper Delaney
Colm Meaney - Jim Davern
Gabriel Byrne - Jack Griffin
Jason Barry - Nelson Fitzgerald
Christina Ricci - Erin
Catherine O'Hara - Cathleen
Stephen Rea - Cab Driver
Lorraine Pilkington - Jayne Wayne