Chia Pet (1990)

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bearkat84 Posted 10 years 8 months ago
one of my teachers in middle school had a bart simpson one on his desk
mandimojo Posted 11 years 4 months ago
This is the number one last-minute xmas gift.
Jt62786 Posted 11 years 10 months ago
I love that cha cha chia pet. and My boyfriend's hair grows liek a chia pet. It grows so fast and It reminds me of this commerical.
rainbowbrite79 Posted 12 years 7 months ago
Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-CHIA!!! Chia Pets!
lilrick Posted 13 years 9 months ago
they have 6een runnin these scence the 80's and they still run em
Naraiah20 Posted 13 years 9 months ago
LOL, I love that commercial. Ch Ch Ch Chia!!! I actually had two of those the cat and the pig. Remember the lite brites got them all from Oscos, the best store ever.
tyrusspunk Posted 14 years 2 months ago
These were always advertised. Still are, but only around xmas.
Im buying one at ames! They closed down in '02!
italiandom72291 Posted 14 years 3 months ago
the chia and the clapper are the best last-minute gifts...i'll try and give some for x-mas of '07, cuz x-mas '06 is over, sadly.
ChowTimer Posted 14 years 9 months ago
Probably one of the stupidest ideas ever but it was somehow very successful. There are so many different ones.
sewage Posted 15 years 3 months ago
Putting the seeds on looked gross. I got my step-dad the Homer Simpson one for Christmas one year cos he loves the Simpsons.He grows a fro LOL.

chi chi chi CHIA!
Enchurito Posted 15 years 3 months ago
They still show this commerical
kimsy520 Posted 15 years 3 months ago
they still sell these...I saw a Chia Homer and Bart the other day...

boy I miss Ames and Woolworth
EmeraldeJade Posted 15 years 5 months ago
*gasp* Oh my god! I loved this commercial!
Mystie Posted 15 years 5 months ago
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