WBZ News - #ThanksJack for 40 Years (2015)

Promos Commercial

This promo was about Jack Williams, retiring after spending 40 years anchoring at WBZ-TV in Boston.

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Quote O' Matic
  • Bimbi's mother: [watching Snow White skipping] Isn't she beautiful, Bimbi?
  • Bimbi: Hmm?
  • Bimbi's mother: Did you know that simple and sweet though she is? Snow White is actually a princess. [the Hunter is still in the bushes.] Sometimes, Bimbi?
  • Bimbi: Mom?
  • Bimbi's mother: I wish you're a little girl deer. So that when you grow up,-
  • Bimbi: [Bimbi saw the hunter out of the bushes aiming at Snow White] There's a man over there with a gun.
  • Bimbi's mother: You can be a princess, too. [Bimbi's Mother became reacted and saw everywhere then last words before her death] WHAT?!? A GUN?!? [the hunter shot Bimbi's mother instead of Snow White]
  • Snow White: [looking at the gun smoke] A storm! I must hurry to the mine. [then Bimbi ran away from his mother's death]
  • Huntsman: [after coughing at the gun smoke] Well blimey, look at that! Bimbi's mother! [then he laugh and came to Bimbi's mother] But no Snow White but, deers have hearts. Same as little princesses. [he get out his knife and chest to grab the heart, then he laughed]
  • Snow White: The Sequel
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