Strawberry Shortcake Cereal 2nd Commercial
Aired: 1980
Added: May 01, 2012
By: System
12 years, 4 months ago
Wait, isn't that the sun from Raisin Bran? Maybe he switched to Raisin Bran after his contract expired.

(:17) "Roasted pork"? What?!
    14 years, 9 months ago
    berry berry good! hehe
      14 years, 10 months ago
      My sister had some of her glasses too, when we were young. I tried some of the cereal, and I really liked it. Nothing like that sugar high, and the crash when it was over, lol.
        15 years, 2 months ago
        the original strawberry shortcake! wow oh wow. i used to have one of her glasses.
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