Sonic Rave Dance Music Video!
Aired: 1990
Added: May 01, 2012
By: System
13 years, 8 months ago
Yeah get this off here, not a commercial.
    13 years, 10 months ago
    I miss thoes days, when Sonic was short & stout and didn't do all thoes rediculus poses he does now or thoes silly green eyes. What was Yuji Naka THINKING??????
      14 years, 8 months ago
      Are the parts where he's running through a 3D landscape taken from the Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast?
        15 years, 1 month ago
        This commerical makes me wanna dance!
          15 years, 2 months ago
          how is this a commercial?
            15 years, 6 months ago
            This is one of the strangest video game related music video ever. Why is Sonic standing on a ball at the end? It sounds like a 5 year old is singing this.
              15 years, 10 months ago
              Ummmm... this sort of freaked me out.
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