Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird
Release: December 15, 1985
Release: December 15, 1985

When a pesky social worker thinks Big Bird should be with his own kind (other birds) instead of living on the diverse Sesame Street, she sends him to a foster home with a family of Dodos, but he is not happy there and runs away. He begins a long adventure wandering the country. In the meantime, his friends search for him to bring him back.

Big Bird: ""Sesame Street is brought to you today by the letters W, and B.""
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State Trooper: "(Seeing Sid cry) "Be a man"."
Sid: "But I don't want to be a man."
Oscar: "(After the "Grouch National Anthem") "Well, anyway, you've seen the best part of this movie, so sit back, relax, and have a rotten time!""
Sam: "(To the tune of "I'm So Blue") I'm a rich man getting richer. Here's my money, let me count it. I'm so happy."
Big Bird: "Sesame Street is bought to you today by the letters W and B" (The Warner Brothers logo then appears)."
Feathered Friends Magistrate: "Now, here today, we have a sad, sad case that needs our urgent attention. He's only six-years-old, and he lives all alone, with no other birds around."
Feathered Friends Rooster: "He looks so sad."
Feathered Friends Owl: "That's funny. He looks happy to me."
Feathered Friends Magistrate: "Of course he's not happy! How can you say that? (major argument breaks out in the room)"
Miss Finch: "Madame Chairbird!"
Feathered Friends Magistrate: "Miss Finch?"
Miss Finch: "We all know he can't be happy. He needs to be with his own kind, with a bird family."
Feathered Friends Magistrate: "True, very true."
Miss Finch: "And I know just the family. Where does he live?"
Feathered Friends Magistrate: "Sesame Street."
Miss Finch: "Can you tell me _how_ to get to Sesame Street?"
Oscar the Grouch: "Don't let the sunshine spoil your rain, just stand up and complain."
The Count: "(At the very end) "That is 278 incredible, colossal credits! Ah-ah-ah-ah, I love motion pictures!""
The Count: "(During the credits) "One Joan Ganz Cooney! (To the camera) Hi, Mom!""
The Count: "(During the credits) "One associate producer! (To the camera) Somebody must associate with the producer! Ah-ah-ah, I love it!""
Maria: "(Reading Big Bird's letter about life with the Dodos) I should be happy here. What's wrong with me? Love, Big DODO? Big Bird to you"."
Big Bird: "[talking about jumping from the Sleaze Brothers' truck] I'm not even supposed to be standing up!"
Gordon: "[standing on his car] You have... my... permission! Just this once... Now, come on!"
Ruthie: "Your the biggest bird I've ever seen!"
Kid: "You're the biggest chicken I've ever seen."
Big Bird: "What a bunch of dodos... -Big Bird"
Big Bird: "'Cause the ain't no mountain you can climb If you hang on tight and just make up your mind And when you set your heart to moving on Yeah there ain't no road too long. -Big Bird"
Resturaunt Waitress: "TWO TOSSED SALADS!! -Resturaunt Waitress"
Chevy Chase: "and now for the weather. it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighnor, would you be mine? -Chevy Chase"
Gordon: "ok, let's Follow that bird! -Gordon"
Big Bird: "No Thru Road, that must be it! -Big Bird"
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