I was enjoying FF8 one weekend when a buddy of mine called and commented on how even after all these years, Final Fantasy 7 is still the best one in the series. Nightmares came rushing back from my expierences with that game and an argument ensued. This is a long debated topic amongst many die-hard FF fans, arguing mainly over which one is better, 7 or 8. I prefer 8 over 7. Hell, I prefer ANY of the Final Fantasy's over 7. So I provide you with some "points of consideration"

1. Graphics. I understand the PS1 was still fairly new at the time and polygons had yet to be perfected, but when someone claims that the graphics on 8 were worse than 7, I have to disagree. The characters had blocks for hands, no facial expressions and no mouths. All they could really do to express emotion is blink and wave thier little blocky arms/hands around. Even the FMV's didn't show any emotion. FF8 had characters who could show any emotion they wanted to, and even had individual fingers! Imagine that! article image vs. article image

2. Story. Maybe its just me, but FF7's story made absolutly no sense. I mean, one minute you're a spiky haired blond guy named Cloud, next you're a clone with the memory of this spiky-haird black guy named Zach? It doesn't even explain the transistion. FF8 had me glued the entire time. Dramatic storyline, great love story, plot twists, etc.
article image -----> article image WTF?

3. Villan has an Oedipus complex. What is the deal with Sephiroth and his mother? He goes crazy and then devotes his life to finding, liberating, and protecting his mother Jenova who by the way is half-dead and horribly mutated.
article image i love you mommy!

FF8 has a good old evil sorceress trying to take over the world. I say go with what works rather than give the villan a creepy complex. article image Yay! Evil!

4. Materia. This I just plain don't get. You either know magic or you don't. If you have MP, you know magic. Thats how it should be. With the Materia system, you know whatever magic is applied to that Materia, and you have to be holding the Materia to know that spell. Remove the Materia? No more spells. To access higher level spells, you have to work with the Materia for about a decade. Then you might get to Fire2. No. Not acceptable. You either know the spell or you don't.
article image woo. ice.

article image article image Now THATS an ice spell!!

5. Unfair Character Loss. 3/4 the way thru the game the villan kills off your best healer. Thats right. You lose Aeris after Sephrioth impales her with his gigantoid sword. All the while I might add, with no emotion or expressions. There is NO way to bring Aeris back. So after you spent the better part of your youth getting Aeris to an acceptable level to stay in the party, they go and kill her. I don't care if the developers want to kill off a character for dramatics, but at least give us the option of trying to get them back.


Keep in mind these are my opinions and i'm entitled to them. I'm just trying to prevent any more unfortunate mind twists of young gamers by this one mistake of a great legacy.