The ratings of old seem to be a bit different. Maybe a bit more confusing. Back in the day, it was much easier to sneak into an R rated movie. There were less restrictions. People cared much less about what was in these movies and what people were able to see.

For example: Airplane! the movie came out in 1980. This movie talked about drugs and even had a topless woman in it. Yet, this movie was only rated PG. 7 years later you have a movie like "The Lost Boys". To keep it's "cool" teenage had to be Rated R. Why? What in the movie "The Lost Boys" makes it Rated R? Nothing. Nothing at all. I've always wondered why it was. This is the only conclusion I can think of. And back then, cinema could get away with making a teenage movie like this Rated R because virtually anybody could see it if they wanted to.

Now-a-days you have your *new* horror movies or suspense thrillers and most of them are PG13 now because less and less people are allowed to watch Rated R movies. They are much more strict. And the majority of people over 17 probably wouldn't want to watch this kind of film. So, for marketing reasons and to sell the movie...they give it a PG13 rating...and it still flops. The movies like "Saw" and "Hostil" that were talked about before...they are worthy of the Rated R and have been successful for being different...although some others have failed to meet the requirements some of us are looking for.

I don't know about you but when I was younger in the 80's, if something was Rated R...especially a horror movie or suspense thriller...I was extremely curious about what was in the movie. The suspense of what possibly could be in this movie to make it Rated R was intriguing. Now a days I see a new horror movie with a PG13 logo on it and I immediately know what I'm getting. Not a lot of blood, not a lot of swears, very little if no sex...and a lot of pop up suspensful scenes where they try to scare you by spontaneous moments where the killer and/or ghost pops up on the screen...when you "didn't see it coming".

I'm much older now so the Rated R thing I don't care about...but I remember I was thinking about it lately after seeing a few previews for movies with the PG13 logos and such. I believe it's all marketing. From "The Lost Boys" or even "Stand By Me" being Rated Airplane! and Jaws being PG, etc. To even now with the "scary" movies all being PG13...I just wonder why.

I know most adults don't really care for horror or scary that's why they label most PG13, but it really takes away the feeling of actually going to see a horror movie. It's not the same. It's kind of like if you bought a 50 Cent album that wasn't Parental Advisory. You'd be like huh?? (Even though I don't like was just an analogy).

But anyway, let me know what you guys think. I know someone already talked about the Rated R thing...but I've really been thinking about this one for a while now and I'm glad he brought it up because it made me want to post something as well.