Today I will be talking about one of the best games for the Nintendo 64, Donkey kong 64.

It was made in 1999 by a company named rareware (rareware later got sold to microsoft).
It was a big enhancement in video game technology. It came with a memory expansion pack which you needed to play the game. It also had this nice bannana game cartridge. this game was later sold in a bundle with the green Nintendo 64 game console, a green N64 controller,an expansion pack and the bannana colored game.

you start out as the hero donkey kong, as he has found out that his kong friends had been taken away. Dk must free all the kongs and defeat king K.rool once again.

as the game progresses you will be able to get more power ups from crankey, some musical instruments from candy and some artillary from funky. you can also advance to a new world, ( there are 8) each world has a boss at the end for you to defeat. once you have defeated him you get a boss key. each boss key you collect will unlock a lock on k.lumsy's cage and as he gets one open he gets happy and breaks open a new world.

there are goons you can face that if you defeat them they will get you a blueprint for snide. every blue print you get will give you a golden bannana. there are 200 golden bannanas which you can also get by completing problems that people have and other varios things. along with the 200 bannanas
there is a rareware bannana to collect some crowns, banna medels (if you get 15 you can see cranky's special suprise),reguar bannas (75 will get you a banna medal), bullets, crystal coconuts (you can use these for each kongs special power up, each one is a second),oranges (granades that you must use to kill special enemy's)and one rareware coin.

and that's about it this gameis really fun so i really suggest playing it.