1. Super Mario Bros. (1985)

I will be starting my article with the game that started it all. Super Mario Bros. (or SMB for short) was a game that I enjoyed a lot during my childhood. Trying to get through the wild Mushroom Kingdon was half the fun. I never did finish this classic game. Although I still playing the game on a NES Emulator. I used to play this game a lot with my counsins, uncles and even, yes even, my grandfather.

2. Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)

Another classic in my NES Game Library. 8ome crazy Worlds, 8 Koopalings and 1 bad Bowser. This time you get more power-ups such as a Super Leaf to become Racoon Mario, a Frog Suit (good for water-based Levels) and the Tanooki Suit to become part Racoon Mario and have the ability to turn into a statue. Those were some of the items from Super Mario Bros. 3 that I liked the most.

3. Dragon Warrior(1989)

For a lot of you, The Legend of Zelda got you hooked to the RPG genre. Not me. I got Dragon Warrior as my very first NES RPG game. For me, this is one of 4 RPG games for the NES I cherish the most. Going through the game was the most fun of it. Challenging monsters, amazing spells, amazing weapons and armor. To me, at the time, the was the King of the RPG genre.

4. Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link (1988)

Another game I enjoyed. A lot of people did not like the game but I was one of the few who did like it. A very challenging Action/Adventure sidescroller. The most challenging part of the game were the Dungeons and Bosses.

5. Dragon Warrior 4 (1992)

An RPG that I cherished during my childhood. This is, by far, the best Dragon Warrior game within the series. A beautiful game made up of unforgettable characters, Dungeons, Bosses, Spells, Weapons and Armor. I really enjoyed this game when it was in its prime. It was the only decent game in the RPG genre for the NES.

6. Star Tropics (1990)

Another Action/Adventure I loved when I has a workable NES. The story is abouot a kid named Mike Jones who is on a quest to find his Uncle. It was a top-view/sicescroller type of game. Amazing Dungeons, Bosses and Weapons. I would recommend this game to anyone who has played Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link.

7. The Legend of Zelda (1987)

How can I not mention this classic RPG. This is the game that brought a great series to life. The Legend of Zelda was one of those RPG's that once you start playing it, you are hooked on it for life. Again, this one of those games where you like the Dungeons and Bosses. This was game is a top-view kind of game. The Dungeons were challenging. The was 2 Quests in this game. the 1st Quest is the Easy Mode and, when you type ZELDA as a name, you get the 2nd Quest or the Harder Mode of the game.

8. Final Fantasy (1990)

The last and final game I will mention in my article is a game that most of you all know and love. Final Fantasy was a game that most people played to get into the RPG genre. It was an RPG that I loved. Not as much as I loved Dragon Warrior 4. I own a personal copy of this amazing. Final Fantasy is in my personal top 10 list of NES RPG that I would recommend. The Dungeons and Bosses were absolutely amazing in this game.

This was my first article forthe RetroJunk's Writer's Corner. I hope you enjoy it. would like some feedback.