Debut: January 01, 1999
Ended: January 01, 2002

Max, Michael, Isabel, & Tess. 4 teenage human/alien hybrids living in Roswell, New Mexico. When their secret is exposed to save Liz, a human girl's life, they know she must be told the truth. Liz's friends Maria, Alex, & Kyle all find out & when everyone's life is put in danger, they are now all aware that this is much more dangerous than keeping the aliens safe, but that everyone is now involved.

liz parker: "''get up bitch'' this was said to tess,in episode four aliens and a baby season 3 -liz parker"
Michael: "We all dranketh the snapple"
ISABEL: "Kyle, if you quote that fat, bald man to me one more time, you're gonna wake up, one of these mornings [points to his crotch] ZAP!"
MICHAEL: "Hail the Christmas Nazi."
ISABEL: "What was that?"
MICHAEL: "Nothing."
ISABEL: "Bye now"
MARIA: "So, I hear ex-cons are really great in bed."
Isabel: "Kyle....if you tell anybody, I'll be forced to use my formidable alien powers on you."
Kyle: "Cool. My day's never truly complete until my life's been threatened by an alien."
ISABEL: "Huh. Whose blood is this? Is this Jesse's blood? Are you testing his blood now?"
MICHAEL: "And he passed! Because I knew he would pass. (To Have and To Hold)"
ISABEL: "You know, Michael, I, too, was miserable around the holidays until I found my calling."
MICHAEL: "Making other people miserable."
Max: "Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now, my destiny is the same"
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