The music is very loud, although I wouldn't call this scary, but it gave me a stomach ache while watching it.

9. Walt Disney Home Video Presents

The music acts like it's sucking out your brain. and the words are blue. Then comes the execution: a voiceover jacks in, making you faint.

8. Now on Home Video

WTF was Disney thinking?! The voiceover was sick and the words were just plain bad!

7. And availible now on videocassette

Wrong music, bad voiceover again.

6. Paramount Home Video 1979

I really don't remember this one, but the music creeped me out easily. That's the problem.

5. Viacom V of Doom

I never saw this, but when I first saw it on TV land, it was like it was piercing my body.

4. Sorcerer Mickey

I really remember this, most people thought it was harmless, but when I saw it: A VOICEOVER GOT ME!! Also the music is crap.

3. Walt Disney Home Video 1993

Just like the blue one, the music is horrible.

2. Death Words

Blue words that appear. A voiceover gets to me easiliy.

1. Meg's Text

I called it that because the words were deadly. They fly in cooper black font and get too close and shine like it was flipping you off. I keep a tv on everywhere I go! It was from Peter Pan.