1. Invader Zim birth 2001 death 2002
Invadedr Zim was about an alien and his idiot robot gir who go to Earth to conquer it only to be slowed down by a kid named Dib who refuses to let aliens take the earth everyone except his sister Gaz says he's crazy and won't believe him this show was marketed to kids age 2-11 but wasn't popular with that age group however older kids even adults loved the crazy antics of this alien and the kid who tries to protect earth Jhonen Vasquez the creator of this show and also the creator of the popular comic johnny the homicidal maniac as well as the red haired guy with glasses who was an extra from time to time in the show was told by nick the show was to violent for kids and was told there would be no more invader zim made by nick which makes me mad because i loved this show

2.Figure it out birth 1997 death 1999
this was a show where celebrities from shows like all that had to figure out why kids were there if they didn't figure it out after three rounds the kid win a trip to orlando or mexico this was an awesome show because of the fact you could show your talents or inventions i was pissed when they took this show off

3.Salute your shorts birth 1991 death 1992
I always watched this show and all the antics of the kids and the camp canceler ug short for ugly from episode when donkey lips is able to over come his short comings of the tires to when zeze got everyone to recycle i still cry when i think about this show being canceled

4.Legends of the Hidden Temple birth 1993 death 1995
this show had alot of things kids needed knowledge strength and patience 6 teams of 2 one boy and one girl would compete to get to the first part then it would be narrowed down by who got to one of the 2 steps first then a phsycal of 2 games to see who go threw the temple the only time they have a third physical challenge was if there was a tie to see who go in the temple this show was exciting and fun to me my brother tried out for it but didn't make it

5. Butt-Ugly Martians birth 2001 death 2002
this show was about the Butt-Ugly Martians (B.U.M.) are forced to invade planets for the evil Emperor Bog. When they are sent to Earth they discover comic books, hamburgers, video games and music videos and become addicted to Earth culture, deciding not to hurt the earth and simply pretend to be occupying the planet for Bog. They are shown around by their new friends: Mike, Ronald, Cedric and Angela. The Butt-Ugly Martians will continue to hang out on Earth as long as Emperor Bog never finds out. They were taken off the air because the FCC did not want them to use the name "BUTT UGLY which is stupid because i didn't care about the name

6.A Pup Named Scooby-Doo birth 1988 death 1991
this show was basicaly mystery inc only as kids meaning no mystery machine it was cool because in my opinion it encouraged kids to report bad things like drug dealers and thieves i miss this show

7.Guts birth 1992 death 1995
GUTS was a 30 minute game show where kids would do olympic style physical challenges and then that last challenge would be to see who could set off all buttons and reach the top of the mountain first the kid with the most points won the gold second most points got silver and we all know the last kid was bronze i wanted to try out for this show but it was canceled before i was old enough

8.The Amanda Show birth 1999 death 2002
the amanda show was sort of like all that only the skits had all amanda in it my favorite judge trudy this show had a few years left in it

9.Space Cases birth 1996 death 1997
this show was about a group of kids from different planets that bourd a mysterious space ship 2 teachers see the kids getting on the ship and follow where they meet crista a robot season 2 suzy took cadarina place pretty much proving cad was not kidding about suzy being real i was very mad when this show was counceled it ruled

10.Angela Anaconda birth 1999 death 2001
Angela Anaconda was about a girl who tried to do good despite the snob named nanette kept teasing her angela was black and white photo's cut and pasted for the show so it be like old black and white tv but also have color for todays youth it was a skit on kablam before she got her own show i miss it alot rip angela