Well, the weather's warming up, the beauty of nature is blooming, and I have been feeling better than I have mentally in the past few years. This includes having more nostalgia trips. So what is it about spring that is allowing me to freely wander back and forth between the past and the present?

Maybe it's that time of year that pastels and flowers and sunshine begin to come out, making me feel warm inside, allowing me to look at my childhood with rose colored glasses. It could be, as I've been sitting at the local park more often than previous years, all while remembering when I used to roughhouse and mess around with my brothers in our backyard. We'd play football, fight each other on a trampoline, and just all in all have a blast.

It could be the music I've been listening to. Lately, I've been playing a fair amount of Future Funk and Lo Fi Hip Hop. Despite those genres only being known to me for two years, it gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling that nostalgia gives me, making it easier to remember all the good times. In addition, most of the videos that those genres have use older anime I used to watch as a kid, so between listening to the music and watching the videos, I'm transported back to when I used to watch Toonami.

It's probably a combination of the two that is helping me think about my childhood in a good way. So I hope you enjoy your spring, and have a Happy Easter.