Something that i loved in my childhood is the TV show "The Simpsons".
I always find Homer Simpson so funny,but there are two characters that have my heart softened.
I'm talking about Bart and Lisa.
One of the first ever Simpsons episodes i watched was "Bart vs Thanksgiving",from the second season,aired in 1990.
In that episode,Lisa makes a table centerpiece for thanksgiving dinner, and Bart accidentally destroys it because he wanted to put the turkey in the table. After that,Bart goes away from home and stays at a kitchen for homeless people...
But what i liked about that episode? The ending,when Bart returns to his home and hears Lisa crying
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And then Lisa says to him that he should look at his heart,then he apologizes for what he did and Lisa accepts the apology
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That's very tearful.

And episodes like "Round Springfield" are so emotional too.

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When Bart bought to Lisa the record she needed to honor Bleeding Gums Murphy,after he remembered that Lisa was the only one who believed him about his stomachache.

This is my most important reason of why i love The Simpsons when they were good :)

So,what's your opinion? It's my first article ever and i'm not sure if it is good or not. Have a nice day!