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This is a picture of a great channel.
But first, lets learn a little more about the P-pals.

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Yes, you heard me.

These guys are the P'pals, who were removed in 1999 to make
way for Dot and *Dash (*= Shown Above.)

Some of the shows are:

Sesame Street(1969-present)

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This educational show has shorts, guest stars and things like that,
BUT STILL IS EDUCATIONAL!Come to think of it, 20 years ago
you didn't really know you were learning! Sunny Days!

Arthur (1996-present)
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This TV show features anthropomorphic animals. Some of them are:
aardvarks, rabbits, monkeys, dogs, cats, rats, moose, and bears.
A talk has been going on. [If the characters are animals, why do
they have pet animals?] This show perhaps teaches a secret life lesson each episode, even if the characters do not eexplain it
to the viewers. This is a sitcom, short for situation comedy,
which means "daily life of the characters".
Yep, walking down the street.

Barney and Friends (1992-2010, reruns 2010-present)

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This preschool TV show features a purple dinosaur named Barney.
He takes kids along on adventures.
The main show is a lot like Sesame Street: educational, bright colors, talks to the audience. The other characters are Baby Bop
and BJ, and in the early 2000's, Riff. This show has a feather in
its hat and calls it macaroni!

See you on Part 2!