Allthough you can find most of these tapes anywhere (or on youtube or dvd), here my top 3 tapes that I regretfully donated, broke or lost.

3. Sesame Street Tapes

The Random House/Sony Sesame Street tapes, particularly "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street" (the only Sesame Street home video/entertainment release to include the original funding credits)
have donated for obvious reasons. But thanks to having a younger sibling and Youtube, I had more respect for the series than when I was the target age group. Plus that recent Muppet movie did help a little.

2. You're In The Super Bowl, Charlie Brown.

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Why did my parents get rid of a Charlie Brown special? When I was 5 I started to become a Peanuts fan, even bought two holiday specials and the then-recent birthday one at a garage sale. Of course now, I'm trying to find a copy of the Christmas special with the Coca-Cola product placement. But for something as whismical as Charlie Brown, this was a regretful mistake. I don't remember watching it- AT ALL.

Update- maybe they thought the gift-giver was a cheapstake by getting it at a Shell gas station? Or maybe I didn't understand football.

1. The UAV "Old MacDonald" tape- 1991 reprint of rare 1989 version

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I discovered the real sing-along when I saw 4 cartoons, the very first thing I saw after the UAV logo was the Paramount Majestic Mountain just like in the classic live action movies that was on AMC (even though it was the cartoon version). "WHAT?!" I thought. Paramount Pictures made cartoons around the time of Bugs Bunny? Though to be honest, I've heard it was just to fit in with all of the other Hollywood studios, even in the Fleischer days. These are also the type of cartoons Parmount will never put on DVD themselves. Also highlighted is the cartoon "Short'nin Bread" which was a catchy song. "Shortnin' Bread" was my favorite even though it had hideously faded color and a scary "film spool" NTA logo, unlike the title cartoon of the tape which was probably from a 35mm Technicolor, possibly collected by Ira H. Gallen hence the Paramount mountain at the beginning. Sadly the tape broke and the 1989 verison IS IMPOSSIBLE to find.

I'll do a sequel if I have any more lost tapes I regret destroying or donating that I can think of.