Music is a key in almost any form of video art, TV, Movies, Animation, and Video games. I am going to count down the top ten most Bad Ass themes from all of my favourite forms of media.

Future Classic: Magneto's theme from X Men first class

This song isn't anywhere near Retro yet, the movie came out last year but if this theme was used 10 years ago, it would be number 1. So there's that.

Number 10

Stone Cold Steve Austins Entrance Theme

Okay, so wrestling is a bit different from other stuff, but the fact is its fiction, and its media. Stone Cold is quite possibly one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time and when that glass shatters you know somebody is gonna get knocked the hell out. Gimmie a hell yeah!

Number 9

Bowser Battle (Mario 3)

The most recycled Bowser song of all time (except for maybe the mario 64 theme) from a very good yet overrated Mario game. Honestly though, this song is intense. Think about it, your a little kid, its summer and Mario 3 has been kicking your ass. You finally get through the Water World, then Big World and so forth, once you finish Pipe World your probably thinking "Hey its all smooth sailing from here" FUCKING WRONG! You have to crash through Dark World, and then while sipping your Mellow Yellow or whatever you drink and eating your Stouffers French Bread Pizza, you make it to Bowser and you hear this! Your pumped up, the only thing standing between you and bragging rights is this pixellated dragon of death! Once you actually figure out how to beat him, you save the Princess and then the next day, you brag to all your friends, even though they beat it before you, the satisfaction is still there.

Number 8

Cells Theme

Watching DBZ as a kid, you must have been at the edge of your seat during the Cell Games saga, waiting that whole 7 or so episodes to see the final showdown between Goku and Cell, well every scene with Cell had this playing. This theme is just sinister and evil, but also bad ass.

Number 7

The X Men theme

Ah yes, one of the most memorable television themes of the 90's. X Men was a great Saturday morning cartoon, a little preachy about tolerance but it was good. This theme was just so extra bad ass that even today me and my friends sing it while beating each other up.

Number 6

The Terminator theme

I love this theme, it has to be one of the greatest all time opening themes to a movie. Although it can be attached to either the Terminator or Sarah and John Connor or none of them at all, its just so bad ass.

Number 5

Robocop theme

However, this bad ass Robot one ups Arnie in terms of music. Need I explain how awesome the Robocop theme is?

Number 4

Battle with Magus/Magus theme

Ah Magus, quite possibly the best RPG bad ass ever. His theme starts off slow, but turns epically bad ass during your fight with him.

Number 3

Enter Zero

Another bad ass robot tops the list, Zero the Crimson warrior has an array of bad ass themes, but this one was his first and stands above all in my opinion. Its so awesome when he debuts in Mega Man X, he comes in and blows the arm off Viles mech suit. BAD ASS!

Number 2

Big Bad Baby Bowser

Another Bowser theme, this one is fast paced as you battle a giant Baby Bowser that is coming at you bro!




Batman theme

I loved Batman as a kid, and I grew up with Tim Burtons classic (but slightly dated) Adaptation. This theme is burned into my ears, I love the Nolan films and their music, but this is just more attachable to Batman.

and the co winner of number 1 is

Guiles Theme

Im a huge street fighter nut, Although Ken is my Favourite Character, Guile has my favourite theme. Its so bad ass and as the internet knows, Guiles theme goes with everything