This is an article about the real world, and a person who has lived and worked in it.

His name is Donald J. Trump.

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Most of you know him from his work on his television show The Apprentice. And by building big buildings such as Trump Tower.

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He's only one of at least 600 Billionaires worldwide, and with the world population at nearly 7 Billion, he is one of the few people to have been blessed enough to have been afforded the opportunities he's had in life.

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He's built his empire mostly through real estates, and commissioning massive building projects both at home and abroad. He's also built several golf courses, and has a personality which is second to none when it comes to the business world.

But to be blunt, Donald is not happy at the state of America and the state of our economy....his stare says it all.

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If you've been following the news lately, he's really angry about the direction of the country.

We didn't become the nation we are today, with our leaders making the kinds of decisions that they are making.

These decisions are not okay.

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Trump would rather fight those decisions to the death than accept defeat.

First we should ask how did he get so successful in the first place? Well he did have a lot of help along the way to greatness, but I would like to think that the reason for his success has been the force of his personality. For one, He isn't afraid to piss someone off.

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Especially if it happens to be President Obama.

Now to be fair the press is very protective of Obama, so protective they treat him as if he's a God. Well if that's the case, why can't he lower the gas prices?

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According to him he's powerless over that.

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Really? If he can launch several nuclear weapons by just giving the order and annihilate most of the world's population, how come he has no ability to negotiate over the price of gasoline?

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If he has no power over that, well than I can't take him seriously anymore can I?

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According to Trump, our gasoline prices are being dictated by 11 guys sitting in a board room somewhere in Saudi Arabia, namely OPEC. The reason you don't hear about that on the news, and why most television commentators don't talk about OPEC is because they aren't allowed to. Why? Oil Lobbyists.

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OPEC has lobbied our own representatives and they are all eerily silent about this oil cartel.

What's the way out of this mess? Trump has stated that unless someone really addresses the matter, he's running for president.

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What it boils down to is this, how much money are you willing to fork over to Saudi Arabia and OPEC before you're thrown into destitution. With the state of the economy, high gas prices will only hinder the growth and prevent us from becoming economically viable.

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Trump has stated that unless we can get oil down to 40, 50 or 60 dollars a barrel we have no chance of ever making it economically. Not when you have this much capital tied up in oil.

It's that bad.

To be honest how much did you pay at the pump the last time you went? Will it effect the way you vote?

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Would Trump make a good person to vote for? That's a matter of personal opinion, however when he's the only one who's saying that:

"I'm Going to look them straight in the eye and tell em, fellas you've had your fun, but your fun is over. Times have changed and those prices better get lower and they better get lower fast."

You'd better pay attention.

Most people don't understand global economics. But one thing is clear, OPEC is an oil cartel. This cartel is holding us prisoner and we are paying every damn time we go to the gas pump.

Trump is not someone you want to mess with, in fact the people in Hollywood are upset with Trump because he ended up ratting out Obama on his birth certificate. Why are they upset?

Well of course when you flood the airwaves with the discussion of the birth certificate, and the only way to silence Trump is to just throw it out there, Obama finally caved and he produced it.

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Trump gets under peoples skin. He doesn't care if you're Black or White or Jewish. He knows that Obama is doing a terrible job on the economy, and all indications state that a few years from now the situation will only get worse.

He stated that "Our president would rather play basketball, go on Oprah, Letterman and The View, than to deal directly with OPEC, to get our gasoline prices under control."

This is getting serious people and Trump is not happy, and I'm not happy either.

With that said, why should we support Trump? Didn't he file for bankruptcy on some of his assets?

Well that's an interesting point, because that brings up a discussion about what Bankruptcy is.

Bankruptcy is simply when he can't afford to pay your operating costs or your bills. There are different forms of bankruptcy, the most common one is when you just restructure your businesses plans and then come out from bankruptcy solvent for business again.

In fact bankruptcy happens to many companies. Take a look at businesses which have come and gone:

1. Blockbuster

2. Circuit City

3. Steinburns

4. Delta Airlines

It's not that uncommon for businesses to disappear altogether because of a change in the economy or what have you.

But why do people talk about Bankruptcy when it comes to Trump? Well suprisingly enough Trump has never filed for bankruptcy on his main organization, which is the Trump Organization.

The stuff that he's gone bankrupt on, where all operations which paid to use his name for their company. Interestingly he was a part owner in those organizations, he was never involved in day to day operations, it was being run by other people and those assets went into bankruptcy.

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For instance in my home town we have a stadium named Paul Brown Stadium, which the Cincinnati Bengals use. The Brown family doesn't own or operate the stadium the people of Hamilton County do, but they paid to have the name Paul Brown Stadium used.

Trump isn't the only one whose name is just used to sell a product, Major Sports organizations do it all the time.

So where has Trump gone right in his business life?

Well for one in the 1990s he had 1 Billion dollars in debt, due to some bad deals he had made. Instead of giving up, he confronted the problem and he came back stronger than ever. If he didn't he certainly would not be doing Celebrity Apprentice on NBC every sunday.

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On top of that's he's been building several high skyscrapers across the country, the most notable are Trump Chicago and Trump Vegas, both are 5 star facilities and they have put thousands of people to work.

Today his net worth according to some sources is 7 Billion Dollars. That's very outstanding and just shows you how strong a negotiator and deal maker he is.

Like him or hate him, you simply can't ignore him. That's why he can get on Fox, CNN, MSNBC and every other major news organization in a matter of minutes if he has something he wants to say. Who else can do that?

Certainly not Bill Gates, who's 3 times as wealthier however he has and always will come off as a nerd.

So what would Trump do if he were elected?

You can listen to his various interviews on Youtube for yourself, but I will lay out his platform, or at least what he expects he will do.

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1. Stop Opec. He will directly talk with the oil cartels and get
our gasoline prices lowered. The price of gas is being
manipulated to an artificially high price, if you negotiate the
price down the economy will improve overall.

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2. DRILL DRILL DRILL DRILL DRILL! He's going really hold the line and force congress and the EPA to open up for more drilling across the board. Forget about opposition, its time to take no prisoners.

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3. He will get other countries of fund our military operations. We can't keep getting into wars without any financial reimbursement for our military. We are not some private company that comes into a country take back the land or whatever and hand the keys back to the people who were previously in power and who refuse to invest in our country. You want our help? Why not pay for it? You can't even get a plumber to come to your house to fix a leak without paying for it, why should wars be any different?

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4. He will impose a 25% tax on all imports from china. He wants to China to stop manipulating their currency so that our jobs will stop going over seas and stay stateside. He's even said something about Steve Jobs's organizaton Apple. "Apple makes Great stuff....but at some point they're gonna have to be told look your going to have to put our people back to work making your stuff." By imposing a tax we could re-open factories across the country and put people back to work manufacturing things.

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5. He will bring respect back the USA. Right now our country is not respected anymore. We've had terrible leadership for the past decade and nobody fears us or respects us. How are you supposed to be a great nation if nobody respects you? Respect is something you have to earn, and so far our leaders have squandered it to the point where I'm not laughing anymore.

In closing, is Donald Trump worth voting for? That's up to you.

However given the fact the our country is bleeding capital in all sectors of the economy and the gasoline prices keep skyrocketing and the American Consumer that gets poorer and poorer with each passing year, you should probably start coming up with an explanation to your kids why America isn't a great country anymore and may never be again.

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The 1990s are not coming back people, one of the reasons the 1990s were so good was because we beat the Cold War, thanks to Ronald Reagan. He was a leader who decided not to pussy foot with the Soviet Empire and decided to tell it like it is to the American people, the same way that Trump is doing right now.

America like it or not depends on great leadership in order for our country to be a great economic power.

It's time to play our Trump Cards.

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