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Cartoon Network was my favorite till about 2004. After that IMO it just made a downfall. So just because I am bored I createed a little article showing some of my favorite things I used to watch. The way i list them isnt in any specific order soo......

Cow and Chicken/I am Weasel
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Animated series consisting of three cartoon shorts, two shorts follow the wacky antics of a surreal pair of siblings, big brother Chicken and little sister Cow. The third short, "I Am Weasel," is about the exploits of the internationally famous genius, I.M. Weasel, and his jealous arch rival I.R. Baboon.

A Pup Named Scooby Doo
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A Pup Named Scooby Doo is great. I loved watching that cartoon when I was little and I have been trying to find a collection of all 30 episodes on DVD but it is practically impossible. This show was great for kids to watch. It made kids want to explore the world so to speak. I know it made me want to. I really loved that cartoon it was humorous and I loved it. I wish it still aired.

The Tex Avery Show/Toon Heads
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Each episode of this series features three of the more than 135 cartoons Tex Avery directed from 1936 to 1955. Avery's work is best known for free-wheeling, high-spirited cartoons that transcend the laws of logic and physics. Among the titles featured in the series are: "Red Hot Riding Hood," "Northwest Hounded Police," "Droopy's Double Trouble," "Daffy Duck and Egghead" and "Bad Luck Blackie." But my perosnal favorite was "Magical Maestro".
TOONHEADS is a documentary-style series that offers audiences an inside look at pop culture's most famous cartoons. Topics range from the creation of Bugs Bunny to the lives and voices of the producers and actors who bring the 'toons to life. Each episode (narrated by Leslie Fram and Don Kennedy) typically focuses on a specific cartoon history topic -- such as "How Elmer Fudd Got Fat" -- running cartoon clips that highlight the progression of that topic. Vintage Warner Brothers, MGM, and Paramount cartoons are all featured regularly.

Johnny Bravo
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Johnny Bravo tells the story of a biceps-bulging, karate-chopping free spirit, who believes he's a gift from God to the women of the earth. Unfortunately for Johnny, everyone else sees him as a narcissistic Mama's boy with big muscles and even bigger hair. In short, he is the quintessential guy who… More "just doesn't get it." No matter what he does, or where he finds himself, he always winds up being his own worst enemy.

Powerpuff Girls
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Created by Craig McCracken, The Powerpuff Girls has become popular with a broad audience. The Powerpuff Girls first incarnation was as a project for Craig McCracken's college class at The California Arts Institution in 1992. Three years later, the crew at Cartoon Network saw it and gave it its… More first pilot in 1995. Later on in the following year, The Powerpuff Girls had their second pilot, and finally a TV series in 1998. The show is about three little girls who were created in a laboratory experiment by Professor Utonium, who combined sugar, spice, and everything nice in an effort to create the perfect little girl. However, the professor accidentally added some "Chemical X" into the mix, and the three girls were born from the resulting explosion. With their super charged powers, they challenge the forces of evil so that justice will prevail.