Hi everyone its Jake. I am sure you all heard about my aunts house in my posts well I wanna share with you all my memories. I will work my way through the house starting upstairs downstairs then outside I spent most of my childhood at my aunt's house. Sadly she moved out in 2005 and now someone else lives there.

My room
My room was my favorite room in the house.When ever I wanted to be alone or the family was driving me crazy I went to my room. I had all my toys in my closet and toy box. I remember reading all my books on my bunk bed on the top bunk all night. I remember always having to have the door shut. I remember when my aunt redid my room. It used to be white walls and teddy bear wallpaper then she changed it to blue walls and bmx bike wallpaper and skatebording pictures on the wall. I remember always jumping off my top bunk in the morning. I always had a box of cars under my bed. I also remember I has a chore chart on my dresser. I had to do a weeks long chores to get a game but I only did 2 days.

Upstairs living room
The living room was a gathering place for the family. I remember always having the family in there being together. I remember when fall came we started to use the fireplace to heat up the living room. I remember the family sitting on the couch and I would be on the floor with the dogs by the fireplace. I remember when we all had a cook in we all cooked grilled cheese and smores of the fire place. I remember during Christmas we would have a tree up in the corner and stockings over the fireplace. I remember when my aunt first moved in the window behind the couch had a huge crack in it and we got a new window cause she was afraid I would get hurt. I remember every saturday mornings watching cartoons in there. I remember when I was allowed to eat breakfast in there. I remember my favorite feature of the house was the wooden walls and floors in the living room.

The dining room
The dining room was where all the big breakfasts were eaten. I always loved the green table and chairs my aunt still has them till this day.

The Kitchen
The Kitchen was where the big breakfasts were made. I remember almost every Saturday my aunt would cook big breakfasts. I remember sometimes she would let me help and sometimes not. I remember when there was a bee in the kitchen light I was so scared. I remember me being freaked out and my aunt had to calm me down.

The spare room
The spare room isnt much it was just a room with a bed and a desk full of papers. I didnt understand why when we had guests they chose to sleep on the couch when we had a good bed in the spareroom.

The downstairs living room
I remember all the good family moments in the downstairs living room. I remember we all loved playing the Super Nes. I remember the family loved playing Tetris Attack together. My aunt was always the best at it. I remember me and my aunts favorite game was Super Mario World. I remember My aunt made it to Bowser Land and I only made it to the forest. I remember playing on the big old Zenith tv. The tv died out a couple of years ago. I remember the pop out couch sometimes we would sleep on it. I remember when I helped my aunt redo the floor it took all night.

The Office
The office was where my aunt did her computer and paper and computer work. I remember playing on her computer. My favorite game was Jumpstart Second Grade. I remember me and my aunts favorite pc game was Frogger. I remember she made it further then me. I remember I kept my pool table down there. I remember playing pool and almost breaking stuff playing ping pong. I remember I had my bean bag chair in the corner. I would sit there and talk to my aunt was working.

The workshop
The workshop wasnt a workshop at all. I remember it always being full of boxes and stuff. I remember always going in there and just going through stuff. Most of the stuff got thrown away.

The laundry room
The laundry room had the most weirdest feature. I remember the shower in the laundry room. I remember I had to shower in there once cause the upstairs shower was broke.

The backyard
I remember playing in the huge backyard. I remember kicking my soccer ball and riding my bike through the yard. I remember sledding down the hill in winter. I remember almost crashing into the creek on my bike. I remeber the creek almost always being dry. The only time the creek was running was when it rained hard and flodded the yard. I remember the garden the whole family made. My aunt dug it up and put chicken wire around it and me and my mom planted. I remember always wating to plant watermelons and pumpkins. I remember when me and my aunt would pick tommatos and we would wash them off then eat them. I remeber as the years passed the garden wasnt cared for then it got full of weeds. I remember when my cousin came over my aunt had walnut trees in her back yard and when my cousin came to play we would have a walnut war throwing walnuts at eachother. I will always have the memories growing up in that house.

Thanks for reading more articles to come.