When I was really young, I used to watch the Old Nickelodeon and I still remember parts of it. Nickelodeon was pretty much the pinnacle of the 90's and early 2000's for kids. Kids shows were just so much better back then, now they show stupid crap like ICarly or Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers. I can remember the days before all those stupid new shows that aren't even worth watching came around. Just to give everyone a heads up, I will not name all of the old Nick shows, I know I will miss some, but this article is about the shows that I specifically remember. Here they go:

AAAHH!!! Real Monsters!!!
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This one I remember seeing when I was sitting in my living room bored one day. I believe I was about three or four. I really liked this show because I thought it was funny how the monsters would always try to scare people, but it would usually turn out unsucessful. I remember liking Krumm because I loved how he would carry his eyes around with him.

Hey Arnold!
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This was hands down one my top five favorite shows. How could we ever forget Football Head? I always liked when Helga would always treat Arnold like crap, and then when he's not around, talk about how much she loves him lol. And I thought Helga's mom was funny. Looking back at it, it seems like Helga's mom showed signs of being an alcoholic because she always talked with a slurred speech, and was hungover. The episode that scared me the most is when they went on that creepy old train. In fact, here's a picture of it! (lol notice Helga's stalker sitting on the fence)article image

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
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This show scared the living crap out of me every time I saw it. Especially at the end when they would put the fire out! However just last week I was watching an episode and I said to myself "I was scared of this?"lol. I remember seeing the episode about the dollhouse, and here's a picture of the girl from that episode!article image

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
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This was probably my favorite show. I used to own a Power Rangers Pillow, (I still Have it) Power Rangers action figures, and even PR soap! I owned dozens of tapes, and I just couldn't get enough of this!

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This show used to come on really early in the morning, so I really didn't watch it all that much, but I can recall a few episodes. I always liked how the character's skin tones were really odd colors. Like Skeeter had turqouise skin, and Patty had Orange lol. I remember Doug always dreamed of being some really weird super hero thing lol.

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This show was funny. Who ever came up with the idea of a cat and a dog being conjoined? Looking back at it now, it almost seems kinda wrong lol. I remember Cat being the serious one, and dog being the fun one. And I thought it was so weird that they found their parents in that movie special. Here's a pic of that: article image

It's a shame you never really see these shows anymore. I'm gonna see if i can upload them from some kind of site. I'm glad I had a chance to grow up watching these great shows :)